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How close are hotels to La Provence?2018-01-31T09:19:20-08:00

There are many hotels located within a few minutes of the restaurant. Please contact our Event Coordinator for any current specials offered to our La Provence guests.

Is there adequate parking for our guests?2018-01-31T09:18:50-08:00

Yes, we have complimentary parking for all of your guests.

If we booked an indoor space, may we move out onto the Terrace?2018-01-31T09:18:20-08:00

The Terrace is a separate event space. If you would like to book the Terrace along with your private room, please let the Event Coordinator know.

Can we use the premises to take photographs?2018-01-31T09:17:50-08:00

Yes, you may go anywhere on the premises to take photographs as long as you do not disrupt other patrons.

What are the seating arrangements for my guests?2018-01-31T09:15:29-08:00

The Event Coordinator will help you finalize a schematic for your event. You must provide how many people per table based on the layout chosen and what meal selections per table at least 7 days prior to their event. Guest will provide all name cards and entrée choice written out on the card visible to the server the day of the event.

What happens if it rains and I booked my event outside?2018-01-31T09:14:55-08:00

In case of inclement weather, if we have a space available, we would be happy to move your event to one of our other event spaces. If the available event space requires a higher food and beverage minimum, you will be responsible for the difference. If you have booked our Meadow for your ceremony but have your reception inside, you may have your ceremony table-side. You are also more than welcome to rent tents to cover your booked outside space.

Can we schedule a rehearsal for our ceremony?2018-01-31T09:13:58-08:00

The exact rehearsal date and time will be scheduled during your final details meeting with the Event Coordinator. Rehearsals are based on the availability of the facility. There is no charge for rehearsals. Please not that staffing is not available during your rehearsal. The Event Coordinator will not be present during your rehearsal but should be available if you have any questions. We recommend that you hire a professional wedding coordinator to assist you with your rehearsal needs. If you would like to book your rehearsal dinner at La Provence please contact the Event Coordinator for details.

Will someone be present during our event?2018-01-31T09:13:30-08:00

The Event Coordinator will guide you through the planning stages. They will be your main contact through phone calls and emails. You may schedule in-person meetings directly with the Event Coordinator. The planning process includes finalizing set-up, menu selections, bar arrangements, event outlines, the floorplan and final payment arrangements. An Event Captain is present throughout your event. We recommend that you hire a professional wedding coordinator to assist you with your wedding needs.

When and where do we get ready?2018-01-31T09:12:43-08:00

Our Lounge has a Bridal Suite. You may rent the Bridal Suite for $100 to use two hours prior to your ceremony start time to finish dressing on the day of your event.

Do we have to use your preferred vendors?2018-01-31T09:11:56-08:00

We have hand-picked our preferred vendors because they are experienced in working at our facility. With that said, you may choose to bring in your own vendors. All sub-contractors are required to abide to our etiquette rules and regulations and provide proof of insurance. All entertainment must be approved in advance in the contract. Entertainment includes, but is not limited to, live and recorded music, and games. Your entertainment and guests may not disturb La Provence’s other guests who may be present and must end at 10:00 p.m. La Provence reserves the right to require proof of insurance from outside vendors. Please ask the Event Coordinator for the current list of preferred vendors.

What are your food and beverage minimums?2018-01-31T09:11:17-08:00

All food, beverage, wine and hosted alcohol costs will apply toward the minimum and are subject to Placer County, California sales tax and service charge of 20%. Room minimums apply per room, per event time frame. Additional time past allotted event time will incur additional charges. If you do not meet your minimum with food and beverage at the conclusion of event, the balance will be billed as a room rental fee. You may not purchase wine or food to take home in order to meet your minimum. No food, with the exception of dessert, may be brought in from outside the restaurant. Any outside desserts brought in will incur a $2 per person charge.

What is your cancellation policy?2018-01-31T09:10:43-08:00

All deposits are non-refundable. All payments made prior to your event are non-refundable. Cancellations less than fifteen (15) days prior to an event incur full charges for the function.

How long do I get the space2018-01-31T09:09:23-08:00

Private Events get the space for 3 hours. Weddings get the space for 5 hours. If the event exceeds the contract end time, a fee of $250 per half hour will apply on top of the minimum.

Do we have to clean up afterwards?2018-01-31T09:08:32-08:00

Please take all of your own decorations and items when you leave.

When can we decorate the room?2018-01-31T09:08:00-08:00

Your contract will specify. Private Events get 30 minutes prior to the event start time. Weddings get 1 hour prior to the event start time. Please ask the Event Coordinator for any special requests.

May we bring in our own alcohol?2018-01-31T09:07:28-08:00

All wine brought in from outside providers will incur $20 corkage fee per 750 ml. bottle. All wines must be brought in one day prior to the event to be properly stored in our temperature controlled room. All wines brought in will be charged upon receipt; if there is any left, you will be given a refund. No spirits or beer allowed. No Alcohol Allowed in the Front Parking Lot or Small Patio Outside of the Main Entrance and Deli. We do not allow you or your guests to take alcohol from the restaurant or terrace to the front parking lot and small patio outside of the main entry doors and deli, as this is against the law.

We can decorate the room as we wish?2018-01-31T09:06:52-08:00

No items may be attached to ceilings, walls or floors. No bubbles, glitter, rice, birdseed or confetti to be thrown, used, or dispersed. Candles may be used, but the flame must be completely enclosed in glass. DJ smoke is not allowed. Petals must be real, no synthetic. Please ask the Event Coordinator for any special requests.

When do I have to finalize my headcount and menu?2018-01-31T09:06:17-08:00

A final headcount and menu selections must be provided to the Event Coordinator 15 days prior to your event. At that time, your final balance will be charged. Alcohol will be rung in during your event and if there is a balance owed, the bill will be presented to you at the end of your event

Can I get an estimate of charges?2018-01-31T09:05:42-08:00

Yes, the Event Coordinator will provide you with an estimated cost for your wedding which will include all food, beverage, rental fees, service charge, and sales tax.

How do I reserve your spaces? Is there a deposit required and when is the balance due?2018-01-31T09:05:04-08:00

A $250-$500 deposit and a signed contract is required to book a space. $250 for morning events and $500 for evening events. Final Estimated Payment is due (15) days prior to the event. We do not accept checks for final payment unless they are received 15 days prior to the event date. Client may use a maximum of (10) gift cards not to exceed a total of $500 as a form of payment for your event. ALL DEPOSITS NON-REFUNDABLE.

How many guests can fit in your spaces?2018-01-31T09:04:29-08:00

We have 8 gorgeous spaces for you to choose from. Please review our event space descriptions on our website:

  •  Our Meadow or Petanque court can seat up to 180 guests for ceremonies.
  •  Our Main Dining Room can seat up to 107 guests for sit down dinner service.
  •  Our Garden Room can seat up to 38 for private events and up to 56 for wedding receptions.
  •  Our Private Dining Room can seat up to 60 guests.
  •  Our Lounge can seat up to 100 guests.
  •  Our West Terrace can seat up to 36 guests. Our Main and West Terrace can seat up to 120 and our Entire Terrace can seat up to 180 guests.
Are tax and gratuities included in the price?2018-01-31T09:02:44-08:00

No. All food, beverage, wine and hosted alcohol costs will apply toward the minimum and are subject to Placer County, California sales tax and service charge of 20%. Room minimums apply per room, per event time frame. The Event Coordinator can make an event order for you that reflects tax and service charge so that you know how much your total will be.

When can we tour the property?2018-01-31T09:02:10-08:00

We would love for you to come by and take a tour of our gorgeous venue. Tours can be scheduled with our event coordinator, Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm. Appointment required.

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